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Author Resources

I’ve always loved words and played at poetry, but writing wasn’t my first love. As I read more and more fiction, I found myself wanting to change the story or the characters. Writing my own books seemed like a solution. But it was infinitely harder to put into practice than I originally envisioned. I tried writing erotica and did okay at that. Then I signed up for NaNoWriMo and wrote a couple of novels that were complete junk. Writing good stories was a lot harder than I thought!

Fast forward five years. I’ve learned a lot. Below are some of the resources I used to help improve my craft. In addition to books and blogs, I connected with other authors. Authors who were brutally honest in just how much I had to learn. I also work with fantastic editors. Because no matter how well you write, you can’t see your errors in the forest of your own words.


NaNoWriMo – This is the National Novel Writing Month non-profit that encourages people to write 50,000 words in November. The great thing about participating, besides getting a lot of writing done is that there are municipal groups. People are participating near you and meeting up at coffee shops and libraries to write. These were the first fellow writers I connected with.

RWA – The Romance Writers of America is the group to join if you’re writing romance in the U.S. They have tremendous resources for learning and connecting with other writers. If there isn’t a local chapter near you, there are many on-line chapters both general and sub-genre specific. I’m a member of the Passionate Ink chapter that focuses on Erotic Romance as well as my local chapter.

Reference Books

I receive no benefit from recommending these books. I’m grateful to the authors for sharing their expertise with others. I’m not including links so you can purchase from your preferred vendor if you choose.

Romancing the Beats by Gwen Hays

Story Genius by Lisa Cron

The Emotional Thesaurus by Ackerman and Puglisi

Screenwriting Tricks for Authors by Alexandra Sokoloff

Naughty Words for Nice Writers by Cara Bristol

Writing Blogs

I also enjoy bite-sized learning and follow a couple of blogs.

Helping Writers Become Authors – K.M. Weiland

Jami Gold’s Blog