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Melting Hearts

How far would you go to heal a damaged heart?

Melting Hearts is a series of scorching-hot stories about emotionally frozen people burning down society’s taboos in search of forever. 

Love is the one thing they can’t control and it doesn’t follow the rules.

Will they be able to pay the cost of playing with fire?

Jack’s Frost – Prequel novella free to newsletter subscribers.

Texas born-and-and bred Andrew “Jack” Jackson is as out of place in New York City as a bull in a china shop.

Manhattan has polished Katherine Wallace to an icy sparkle.

When fire meets frost, the attraction sizzles, but is the cost too high to compromise?

Cover for Winter's List by Jordyn Kross

Winter’s List – Available now on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

A practically-virginal law school graduate.

Two emotionally frozen men.

One erotic bucket list.

Cover image for Xmas Angel

Xmas Angel – Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Nick and Noelle’s love is forbidden.

They have everything to lose.

But, if they risk breaking the rules, maybe they can save each other.

Book 3 – Title and Cover to be announced. This will be Katherine’s story. Katherine is Jack Jackson’s ex-wife. She was bitter and angry and bent on revenge in Winter’s List. Now, she’s lost every meaningful relationship, and she’ll have to decide what’s really important in life.