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Jordyn Kross

I’m Jordyn Kross, award-winning, unapologetically naughty author of erotic romance. After years of writing tech manuals and marginal poetry, I discovered that I much prefer writing about fictional characters who will go to any lengths to get their happily ever after.

When I’m not writing, I can be found attempting to garden in the desert Southwest, hiking with my insane pound posse, and admiring that handsome man wandering around my house who continues to stay.

And when I’m not in social media jail, I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads, or hiding in a dark cave peering out at Twitter. Subscribe to my newsletter.

Preorder Hell Hath No Furry

Headline: Furry Found Flattened in the Forest

Mikaela “Mike” Mitchell, reporter for Daisy, TX, and maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding, has everything under control—until she trips over a dead guy in a fur-suit.

She promised the big day would be purr-fect—and an active crime scene just isn’t the vibe she’s going for. Unfortunately, with the annual Cowbells and Crops adults-only convention in town, the complications keep piling up.

So instead of organizing tents and tablecloths and writing articles on how to have a spanking good time, Mike’s going to catch a killer—whether her growly boyfriend, Ryder, likes it or not.

And that would be…not. But what’s the big deal? The killer isn’t coming after her. Right?

Book 2 in the Dirty Daisy Mystery series will be live December 13. Preorder now

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Latest Releases – Available Now!

Demystifying the Beats

Cover of Demystifying the Beats

Demystifying the Beats, a non-fiction book I co-authored with the incredibly talented authors: Carol Potenza, Ryley Banks, and Erin Krueger. I haven’t got a clue why they hang out with me!

This sassy book is going to take the mystery out of structuring a mystery! If you love learning about mysteries, or want great mystery recommendations, check out RedReines.com where we are sharing all the information on this unique project.

Get your copy here. The book will be available through Kindle Unlimited until January 22, 2023

Holiday Shorts: A Passionate Ink Anthology

Cover of Holiday Shorts Anthology

Naughty is nice, and this sugar has spice.

Thirteen spicy stories in one delightful package are coming down the chimney to set your holidays on fire.

Join Passionate Ink’s celebration of all things winter holiday related with their collection of “Holiday Shorts.” These oh so naughty yet nice stories are sure to entice, entertain, and engage your sugar plums. From historic liaisons to biker Santas and wicked wonderlands, there’s a treat perfect for everyone’s stocking.

Authors Ryley Banks, C.E. DeRosier, Jena Doyle, W. D. Drames, Raisa Greywood, Sylvie Haas, Jordyn Kross, Candice LaBria, Cindy Redding, Maggie Sims, Marie Tuhart, Cadence Vonn, and Calia Wilde have joined together to create this sizzling seasonal-themed collection. All proceeds for this anthology will be donated to ProLiteracy. This organization is the leading resource and champion for adult education and literacy worldwide. Available until February 2023.

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Open Enrollment

My first science-fiction romance, originally published in the Falling Hard anthology is now available as an ebook. This short story is actually the second book in terms of the timeline in the Uhraervi Brothers series. The first is in the Holiday Shorts anthology. This series was inspired by my wondering what if aliens found the NASA “boarding passes” for the Mars Perseverance.

Chandra Russell, premier astrophysics professor, has evidence spaceships are visiting Earth but everyone in her department thinks she’s crazy. When she’s abducted by an actual alien, Praduchs Felixiuh, she’s not sure if she should celebrate or panic.

After receiving Chandra’s approved enrollment form, Praduchs changes course to rescue her from a dying planet, even though his time would be better spent continuing his explorations instead of wooing a mate he doesn’t want. No matter how fascinating she is. Still, he must convince her to stay or he’ll face severe punishment from the Uhraervi council.

Find out more.

Free Book

Jack's Frost. Melting Hearts novella by Jordyn Kross.

Prequel Novella

The Melting Heart Series

When fire meets frost, the attraction sizzles, but is the cost too high to compromise?

This opposites-attract, happily-for-now novella, Jack’s Frost, introduces three of the main characters in the Melting Hearts series.

The Melting Hearts novels are about people who’ve frozen love out of their lives for a variety of reasons.

Read more about Jack’s Frost.

News and Works in Progress

Great news!  Shattered Ice has been selected as a finalist in the New Jersey Romance Writers’ Golden Leaf Contest. I’ll find out more in December.

This is the section where I share all the stuff I should be working on when I’m procrastinating. I really need more time to procrastinate. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for that.

Currently, I’m working on the third story Uhraervi Brothers story. This time Sig is going to get his chance at a mate who isn’t interested in settling down at all.  My tagline for this story is: Whoever said Earth girls are easy was lying.

I’m also planning another short story for 2023 and I’m planning to spend the winter holidays doing series level plotting. Yes, Amy will get her story in 2023 (Shattered Ice – IYKYK). Not only is she getting a story, she spawned an idea for an entire contemporary series!

Around the edges of all this, I’ll be working on my sci-fi series. As always, it’s core will be erotic romance. This won’t be related to my Uhraervi brothers that are making appearances in the Passionate Ink anthologies.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far down the page, you either like me or haven’t found what you’re looking for. Either way, please drop me a note. I love to hear from my readers or potential readers or fellow authors.

And speaking of fellow authors, I have a page of resources that I used to help in my writing journey.

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