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Jordyn Kross

I’m Jordyn Kross, award-winning, unapologetically naughty author of erotic romance. I write strong heroines boldly carving out their futures while finding satisfaction with alpha men who would do anything for them.

After years of writing tech manuals and marginal poetry, I discovered that I much prefer writing about fictional characters who will go to any lengths to get their happily ever after.

When I’m not writing, I can be found attempting to garden in the desert Southwest, hiking with my insane pound posse, and admiring that handsome man wandering around my house who continues to stay.

Latest Release: Hell Hath No Furry

Headline: Furry Found Flattened in the Forest

Hell Hath No Furry cover

Mikaela “Mike” Mitchell, reporter for Daisy, TX, and maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding, has everything under control—until she trips over a dead guy in a fur-suit.

She promised the big day would be purr-fect—and an active crime scene just isn’t the vibe she’s going for. Unfortunately, with the annual Cowbells and Crops adults-only convention in town, the complications keep piling up.

So instead of organizing tents and tablecloths and writing articles on how to have a spanking good time, Mike’s going to catch a killer—whether her growly boyfriend, Ryder, likes it or not.

And that would be…not. But what’s the big deal? The killer isn’t coming after her. Right?

Free Book

Jack's Frost. Melting Hearts novella by Jordyn Kross.

Prequel Novella

The Melting Heart Series

When fire meets frost, the attraction sizzles, but is the cost too high to compromise?

This opposites-attract, happily-for-now novella, Jack’s Frost, introduces three of the main characters in the Melting Hearts series.

The Melting Hearts novels are about people who’ve frozen love out of their lives for a variety of reasons.

Read more about Jack’s Frost.

News and Works in Progress

I’ve started my enemies to lovers novella. These two brainiacs are going to save the human race, if they don’t kill each other first. It’s a prequel to the sci-fi series I started a few years back during NaNoWriMo and unrelated to my Uhraervi brothers. I’m having a blast drafting it.

I’m well into plotting the first book in the contemporary series that spun off from Shattered Ice. I had a great chat with my muse while hanging out in the vet’s office with the insane pound posse, and four out of the six planned books are coming into focus. 

In March, I’ll be editing the next Uhraervi Brothers story. This time Sig is going to get his chance at a mate, but she isn’t interested in settling down at all.  My tagline for this story is: Whoever said Earth girls are easy was lying.  I’ll also be posting Hung with Care on Amazon in their KU program. This was the story in the Holiday Shorts anthology if you missed it.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far down the page, you either like me or haven’t found what you’re looking for. Either way, please drop me a note. I love to hear from my readers or potential readers or fellow authors.

And speaking of fellow authors, I have a page of resources that I used to help in my writing journey.

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