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Jordyn Kross

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I’m Jordyn Kross, award-winning, unapologetically naughty author of erotic romance. I write strong heroines boldly carving out their futures while finding satisfaction with alpha men who would do anything for them.

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Coming Soon

The Big Book of Quickies: 69 Erotic Stories

I have a quickie in this anthology!

Who says quick sex can’t be thrilling? There’s something exhilarating about the rush of raw emotions, wild, naked escapades, and the excitement of giving in to temptation without a moment’s notice. The same can be said for an erotic tale that can leave you breathless in just a few minutes of unabashed ardor.

The Big Book of Quickies was designed for erotica lovers who don’t have hours to spare getting swept away, much like the characters you will meet. But don’t let the title fool you: although hasty when it comes to getting down and dirty, this collection offers plenty of variety in these 69 tales of rapture and hot sex of all kinds. From raunchy to romantic, these stories include a wide range of sexualities, turn-ons, fetishes, and kinks, taking place in the real world and paranormal realms.

Whether bedding a stranger just for the moment, taking a few minutes to indulge their desires with a long-time partner, or pursuing their biggest sexual fantasy, putting pleasure front and center is what these horny characters have in common. If erotic tension, burning desire, and instant gratification are what you seek, look no further than The Big Book of Quickies.

Preorder available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

New Release

Captain’s Treasure Book 1 of the NOAH Series

Cover for Captain's Treasure

Torn between love and duty, Cyra Maejzur must choose: deliver her fated mate to his death or sacrifice her entire future.

Ready or not, Cyra Maejzur’s dream is granted when she unexpectedly inherits The Treasure, a spaceship unique for its live cargo facilities and energy-saving launch design. But her dream quickly morphs into a nightmare—the existing crew has abandoned ship and the cargo is escaping.

She can only handle one emergency at a time.

First order of space business—find a crew willing to work for free.

Next, deal with the uncontrollable shipment.

But when Cyra gets far too close to one of the deliverables, mixing business and pleasure makes for a toxic tonic, especially when he swears he’ll die without her.

If Cyra doesn’t deliver him to certain death, she’ll lose her partners, her ship, and her only chance for security. But how can she launch when it means leaving her fated mate—and her heart—behind?

Read now: https://books2read.com/captainstreasure

New Series

The Handler – Book 1 in The Yacht Club Series

I have to handle the threat to my wife if I’m ever going to consummate our marriage.
Amy Davis—that’s the name I gave her when I broke every FBI rule and put her in witness protection—isn’t taking this new threat seriously. But she will. As soon as I get to Colorado to handle the threat and my brat. Just because she no longer has to testify against a notorious gangster, doesn’t mean she’s safe. There are people who want to find her. Very bad people. She’s no longer eligible for government protection. I have a team to help me—not the agents I’ve worked with for decades. This team I formed through my membership at a very private club. This team I trust with my life and my “fake” wife.

Can I catch the criminal and convince my wife our relationship is real—before he ends her?

Read now:  https://books2read.com/thehandlerbook1

Free Book

Jack's Frost. Melting Hearts novella by Jordyn Kross.

Prequel Novella

The Melting Heart Series

When fire meets frost, the attraction sizzles, but is the cost too high to compromise?

This opposites-attract, happily-for-now novella, Jack’s Frost, introduces three of the main characters in the Melting Hearts series.

The Melting Hearts novels are about people who’ve frozen love out of their lives for a variety of reasons.

Read more about Jack’s Frost.

News and Works in Progress  

Captain’s Treasure, book one in the NOAH series, is now available everywhere! https://books2read.com/captainstreasure

In July (possibly earlier based on dates on Amazon and B&N), I will have a flash fiction erotica short in The Big Book of Quickies. The collection includes 69 shorts in total. You can preorder on Barnes and Noble or Amazon:   https://www.amazon.com/Big-Book-Quickies-Erotic-Stories/dp/1627783334/

I’m doing another round of editing on the next  Uhraervi  Brothers novelette. It will be in the next Passionate Ink anthology coming out in October this year. This enemies to lovers involves Tryg, one of the hot, furry brothers, and a seductive, homeless alien who swears she’s a good luck charm.  Tryg is not convinced, but he is intrigued.

I’m actively working on  the second book for the Yacht Club Series. The hero asked me the other night if I knew a way to lasso a butterfly without breaking her wings. Guess we’ll find out. 

Next in the queue is a plot for the third and fourth (final) book for the Dirty Daisy series. I don’t know if either of these will be hitting the stores in 2024, but maybe book three.  Depends on how much all the travel I have planned for this year disrupts my writing schedule. 

In other news, I’ve had to withdraw from attending Literary Love in Savannah this year.  If you have a favorite book signing event you’d like to see me attend, drop me an email. I’d love to meet you in person.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far down the page, you either like me or haven’t found what you’re looking for. Either way, please drop me a note. I love to hear from my readers or potential readers or fellow authors.

And speaking of fellow authors, I have a page of resources that I used to help in my writing journey.

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