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Freelance Houston travel reporter, Mikaela “Mike” Mitchell, can see the headline now: Trollop Turned to Tar on Texas Trail. She needs to find out what her brother’s ex-girlfriend, Karla, knows about his death and she’s running out of options faster than an armadillo facing down a big rig. When she’s abandoned on the side of the road in the middle-of-nowhere Texas, she’s more likely to become roadkill than find any information.

Ryder Ruiz likes his motorcycle; his adopted town, Daisy; and his cat, Mow. He doesn’t like discovering long-legged brunettes abandoned in road snot when he’s clearing the pipes on his bike. Before he can untangle his unexpected houseguest from his bedsheets, a local, part-time stripper shows up dead at the community center. What should have been a rescue-and-release operation becomes a murder investigation—and Mike is curiously connected—the dead stripper is her brother’s ex-girlfriend.

Mike has to find out what happened to Karla, or if it has anything to do with her brother. But putting the clues together is more difficult than walking in six-inch stilettos.

Who would want to end Karla’s life and why?

Was it the slacker DJ from the Pink Petals strip club who had the easiest access?

Was the club’s headliner, Olive Hardins, threatened by the competition?

Teasing out the facts is harder than releasing the knots in a sub’s BDSM restraints.

Ryder has to help his wet-behind-the-ears cousin, the sheriff, solve the murders while protecting the town he loves and keeping Mike in his line of sight—and, preferably, in his bed. Is she a target or a murderer? And if it’s not Mike, which of his beloved townsfolks has gone too far?

This mystery is as kinky as it is cozy. 50K + words of dirty fun. Welcome to Daisy.