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Falling Hard Anthology

Cover of the Passionate Ink 2021 Anthology, Falling Hard. Available for preorder on Amazon

I’m a virgin when it comes to anthologies, short stories, and sci-fi romance. So I thought I’d tackle all three at once by submitting my story, Open Enrollment, to the 2021 Passionate Ink anthology.

Chandra Russell, premier astrophysics professor, has evidence spaceships are visiting Earth, but everyone in her department thinks she’s crazy. When she’s abducted by an actual alien, Praduchs Felixiuh, she’s not sure whether she should celebrate or panic.
Praduchs would rather spend his time exploring the universes instead of wooing a mate he doesn’t want. Once he has her on his ship, though, he finds himself fascinated with her, distracted from his mission by thoughts of claiming her smooth, tight body.
When chaos strikes and they’re confined to close quarters, things take a heated, sexy turn. But no matter how attracted Chandra is to the intriguing alien, she’s determined to return home to clear her name and prove to everyone she was right. Despite his unexpected reaction, Praduchs has to resist the mating or lose everything he cares about.
The forces of the universe are pushing Chandra and Praduchs together, but their missions and futures are worlds apart. Aren’t they?

I had a blast writing this. But it’s been even more fun working with the other authors, the cover designer, editors, and the formatter to create this erotic romance collection. Michal Scott wrote a fantastic historical romance. Ryley Banks and Ryan T. Osborn submitted two different but delightful Male/Male contemporary romances. Candice LaBria wrote a lovely second-chance romance. And Calia Wild and Deni Dawson called in the demons and ghosts for some sexy paranormals. It’s a perfect collection for fall reading.

Ebooks can be preordered now for just $2.99 here. The paperback will be released on September 30, and there is a release party on October 1. Watch my Facebook page or contact me for more info on that.

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