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Jack’s Frost

When fire meets frost, the attraction sizzles, but is the cost too high to compromise?

Texas born-and-and bred Andrew “Jack” Jackson is as out of place in New York City as a bull in a china shop. Not looking for love, he’s in this stifling gritty gray city to meet a lawyer and sign a business deal—in and out, and back to his ranch—when a beautiful intern at the law firm knocks him on his butt.

Manhattan has polished Katherine Wallace to an icy sparkle. Young, eager, and intelligent, her future is all but assured. She’s just waiting for admission to graduate school, marking time as an intern at her daddy’s law firm. But when a sexy-as-sin cowboy struts through the law firm doors with a sizzling smile, her big city life suddenly feels cold.

Jack and Katherine collide with fiery chemistry and unbridled lust. He’s dazzled by her shine, and her heart starts to melt. Opposites attract, but that doesn’t mean it’s painless. Is their spark of love enough to overcome the objections of Katherine’s father? Can they reconcile their conflicting lifestyles and find common ground? Or will cold reality keep them apart?

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