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NOAH Series

The sci-fi romance N.O.A.H (Nostradamus Outerspace Advancement of Humanity)  Series is best enjoyed in order but can be read as stand-alone stories.

Cyra Maejzur unexpectedly inherited the Treasure, a transport ship in high demand due to its live cargo facilities. Too bad the expected heir aims to end her, or at least put her out of business.

Despite the growing threat, Cyra gathers a crew of strong females and makes them her partners. They’re determined to do whatever it takes to secure their success in an industry dominated by males. No distractions. No compromises. No way will they let love knock their futures off course.

Prequel: Quantum Entanglements

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Leandra and Harlan will brave the unknowns of space, do anything to preserve the human race, if they don’t kill each other first.

Leandra Richards receives the call to save the human race, or at least the human genome. She’s not an astronaut, she’s a genetic engineer—one of the best in her field, and one of the youngest. She’s prepared to risk the dangers of life in space, supporting the terra farming mission—humanity’s last chance for survival. At least she is until she finds out Harlan Johnson will be on the same ship.

Harlan may be the only zoo archeologist under thirty-five, but he’s a lying jerk. Leandra has personal experience as proof. Very personal.

Before she can make arrangements to move to another team, the launch day moves up and she has to choose to give up on humanity or board a ship with her sworn enemy—an enemy who may not be above sabotaging her lab even with everything at stake. Keeping an eye on Harlan isn’t exactly a hardship, but keeping her heart in check could prove impossible.

Note: Quantum Entanglements is the prequel to the NOAH series set approximately 1000 years earlier.

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Captain’s Treasure

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Torn between love and duty, Cyra Maejzur must choose: deliver her fated mate to his death or sacrifice her entire future.

Ready or not, Cyra Maejzur’s dream is granted when she unexpectedly inherits The Treasure, a spaceship unique for its live cargo facilities and energy-saving launch design. But her dream quickly morphs into a nightmare—the existing crew has abandoned ship and the cargo is escaping.

She can only handle one emergency at a time.

First order of space business—find a crew willing to work for free.

Next, deal with the uncontrollable shipment.

But when Cyra gets far too close to one of the deliverables, mixing business and pleasure makes for a toxic tonic, especially when he swears he’ll die without her.

If Cyra doesn’t deliver him to certain death, she’ll lose her partners, her ship, and her only chance for security. But how can she launch when it means leaving her fated mate—and her heart—behind?

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