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Shattered Ice

Semi-finalist in the Book Life Prize from Publishers Weekly

Winner of the National Excellence in Story Telling 2023

Finalist in the New Jersey Romance Writers’ Golden Leaf Contest

Finalist in the Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild Heart Awards

Book 3 in the Melting Hearts series.

Things get steamy when an ice queen falls for a smoking hot hero.

Shattered Ice Cover

Katherine Wallace’s future was frozen in perfection, spending her life safely working for her family’s New York law firm. But when her father fires her and shatters her placidity, she runs back to the last place she was truly happy––the ski slopes of Colorado.

Gabe Gallegos planned to spend his career in the military. But when that plan blew up—literally—he had to find a new mission. Renovating his late uncle’s ski lodge seemed like the perfect solution. Except he’s never managed a bed and breakfast, he can’t cook, and his first guest is completely infuriating—a total ice queen—and sexy as hell.

Gabe’s partially-renovated lodge is a dumpster fire, and Katherine is one click away from flying home to New York. But an accident and a website snafu force them to remain together in extremely close quarters.

Can Katherine find love with a younger man who lives thousands of miles from where she’s supposed to be?

Should Gabe fight for a woman who’s likely to freeze him out?

As passion thaws the ice, they have to decide if there’s enough trust to build a future together.

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