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The Yacht Club Series

Tyler Davis has been a long-term member of a private club in St. Louis devoted to the needs of his dominant nature. When he recruits his friends and fellow members to help him in Colorado to eliminate a threat to his wife, he never foresaw them staying. Now they’ve embraced the Rocky Mountains and they’re bringing their love of the lifestyle with them by establishing a new dungeon, The Yacht Club. But while their futures appear to be clear sailing, their past transgressions are gathering on the horizon like storm clouds. Each will have to find a way to right their ships and save the love they were meant for.

Book 1 – The Handler

Read now: https://books2read.com/thehandlerbook1

I have to handle the threat to my wife if I’m ever going to consummate our marriage.
Amy Davis—that’s the name I gave her when I broke every FBI rule and put her in witness protection—isn’t taking this new threat seriously. But she will. As soon as I get to Colorado to handle the threat and my brat. Just because she no longer has to testify against a notorious gangster, doesn’t mean she’s safe. There are people who want to find her. Very bad people. She’s no longer eligible for government protection. I have a team to help me—not the agents I’ve worked with for decades. This team I formed through my membership at a very private club. This team I trust with my life and my “fake” wife.
Can I catch the criminal and convince my wife our relationship is real—before he ends her?

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Tori Ross and read from The Handler. Check out the podcast here: Sitting here reading corn with Tori Ross.

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