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Uhraervi Brothers

Five furry brothers destined to find their mates on Earth. Short, sexy, sci-fi romance with freaky alien peen. Because if you don’t get kind of wiggly reading it, it’s just not naughty enough.

Cover for Hung with Care by Jordyn Kross

Quaythars Felixiuh couldn’t be mistaken for Santa, and he’s no saint.

Andrea Watts, aspiring teacher, loves all things Christmas. But when she falls asleep in her car in a winter storm, only the timely arrival of a hairy alien saves her from certain death.

Quaythars Felixiuh, species geneticist, intends to retrieve his mate at her request. The entire Uhraervi race is counting on their success. But when he lands on Earth, he is shocked by Andrea’s poor judgment. He can save her life, but he will not be keeping her. Even if it costs him his future.

A fake relationship can assuage the expectations of the Uhraervi people, and allow Andrea to receive necessary medical care. But she didn’t ask to be rescued, and her future isn’t on an alien space station.

She’s going home for Christmas, no matter how attractive Quay is.

Originally published in the Passionate Ink Holiday Shorts anthology.

Available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited: https://books2read.com/HungwithCare

Cover for Open Enrollment

Astrophysics professor Chandra Russell never enrolled to be abducted by an alien.

Chandra Russell, premier astrophysics professor, has evidence spaceships are visiting Earth but everyone in her department thinks she’s crazy. When she’s abducted by an actual alien, Praduchs Felixiuh, she’s not sure if she should celebrate or panic.

After receiving Chandra’s approved enrollment form, Praduchs changes course to rescue her from a dying planet, even though his time would be better spent continuing his explorations instead of wooing a mate he doesn’t want. No matter how fascinating she is. Still, he must convince her to stay or he’ll face severe punishment from the Uhraervi council.

The forces of the universe are pushing Chandra and Praduchs together, but their missions and futures are worlds apart. Aren’t they?

Originally published in the Passionate Ink Falling Hard anthology.

Available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited: https://books2read.com/OpenEnrollment

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