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Xmas Angel

Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild Hearts Award – 2021 Finalist

Book 2 in the Melting Hearts series.

Cover image for Xmas Angel

Art prodigy Noelle Michaels clings to school for access to a studio and materials, her only chance at sculpting a future different from the one she was born into.

Former soldier Nick Christoph struggles to reintegrate into civilian life, exchanging a military rifle for a chalkboard and embracing his new mission.

When they meet, chemistry ignites a fire that could destroy their plans.

Noelle is an undiscovered artist who turns trash into treasure while seeking her big chance. She’s doing everything she can to prove she’s nothing like her drug-fueled family, including avoiding her attraction to Mr. Christoph.

Nick is stuck in the past, frozen by his history of defeat. He’s still trying to find a way to be the hero, but instead of searching for insurgents, he spends his days working to save the special students in his class. Especially the one whose fire draws him closer, despite the danger of getting burned.

Nick and Noelle’s love is forbidden.

They have everything to lose.

But, if they risk breaking the rules, maybe they can save each other.

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